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 Alisher Latif-Zade graduated from Moscow Conservatory (BM and MM).


 Alisher Latif-Zade,

Composer & Educator



  A.Latif-Zade is an active composer of acoustic music. His output includes orchestral works; chamber instrumental  and  vocal, choral music. He has written for and received commissions  from numerous professional, ensemble and performers; his  compositions have been selected for national and  international forums and conferences (34 countries). Some of  them  have been published his compositions in prestige publishing houses of the  USA  (G.Schirmer),France, Tajikistan, Russia and Belgium. A.Latif-Zade is a participant (one of 16 composers)  of the  Silk Road Project initiative of international   cello superstar Yo-Yo-Ma (Tanglewood 2000). In his most recent  music he has tried to  create a new  synthesis of Eastern and Western,of Jazz  and Contemporary.  In addition to composing, he performs on violin and   piano (Library Congress Wash. DC) ,(United Nations). Mr. A.Latif- Zade actively has pedagogical practice as  well as. 

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