INVASION -Divertissement for Strings
Divertimento has composed under the influence of the civil conflict in the homeland of the composer in the 90 th.The divertimento is written under the influence of the civil conflict in the homeland of the composer in the 90th years. The composition has program character and are designed for large capacity and high professional level of the string orchestra
Has composed in 1995.
Performed by Chamber Orchestra "Turkiston".
Conductor. E.Asimov
TIMPANIUM for 9 multi Timpanists
" Timpanium " for 9 multi-percussionists devoted to the outgoing century is a short piece . commissioned by the department of Percussion of the National Conservatory of Uzbekistan.
Composed in 2000. Performed in 2001in Tashkent by Dean A.Ismailov and students of the National Conservatory of Uzbekistan
Ehsos- Perceptio for Violin and  SO
Perceptio - the feeling at the moment. Each listener or performing this work - feel a different sense
Tuyona - Wedding festive
Holiday songs with elements of oriental jazz dedicated to all the musicians playing jazz
The night gone with my fantasy
Composition for Trumpet and Piano includes Jazz contrast of the West and East (slow and Fast) movements
An American in Tashkent: Ragtime
The premiere took place in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) at a concert, dated to the 100th anniversary of J. Gershwin. A concert was organized by the U.S. Embassy in Uzbekistan on December 18, 1998. (see fragment on You Tube)
Commissioned by the Silk Road Project inc. in 2000.Published in G.Shirmer.
In the world of the musical imag-n
The present collection consists of two parts and includes compositions of different years for a piano, for two and three pianos 4,6 and 8 hands. Pieces are composed in a genre: classics, Jazz, West, East, World The collection is intended for high professional level of musicians
Guitar compositions: Collected works
The collection includes pieces for guitar compositions of different years for a multi-artist; works for two, four guitars and guitar ensemble with violin and cello. The nature of the plays is a contrasting lyrical mood of the East
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Deutsche Album. Lattaro Waltz.
German album includes two works: 1) 5 arrangements of German folk melodies to the words of German poets. 2) " E. Lattaro Waltz" -for string orchestra.
" Nayohang " for flute and piano
The task of of this work is in the timbre of sounds combined flute and piano. Transfusion in the low timbre of alto flute and piano create the effect of rustling leaves, shadows and other natural noises. It is possible that the bird hid behind this foliage
Eastern Sad Humoresque
" Sogdian patterns ": Suite for 3 Tr
Musical and scenic Suite for brass octet consists of three parts, each of which differs in concept solutions and genre. The first part is the stage action. The second-Chorale-pattern. Third - jazz conversation. The union of all three parts is the stage where musicians play not only as performers but also the actors.
The "Express " effective training
“ The Express- effective training method" is the specially developed system consisting of a complex of composed tasks and exercises, directed on fast mastering of a musical material and development of learning playing the violin. The given guide has been made taking into account all components of
Eastern miniatures " Concerto #2
The concerto #2 "Eastern miniatures" for a piano and the Symphonic orchestra is constructed on separate miniatures in the form of contrast through sound timbres, polyphonic voices of: retrograde, inversion, canon or through other forms of rhythmic transformations
SUITE for Violin and Piano in 5 Mov.
The suite of average complexity (86), consists of five parts different in contrast: Expromt,Memoirs,Delusion,Intermezzo and Dance, The suite is intended for concert performance. It is possible to listen on You-Tube
Daily Exercises and Etudes
Daily Exercises and Etudes for the Violin is one-of-a-kind collection of 138(original pieces) applies non traditional technique exercises/etudes to specific the most young violinists needs. For twenty - thirty years this book probably is one of the most important collection for beginners-very young violinists
" USULNAME " for multi-percussionist
The piece of average complexity is written in contemporary style with elements of jazz and eastern colorit
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Takhir & Zukhra
Ton Poem for String Orchestra
Suite for two Pianos and Piano four hands
For Piano,Percussions & String Orchestra.
Falak-Abegg  for string trio
Was composed for Abegg-trio (Germany)
Dervish's Book in 6 Chapters
International Author's project-(France,German,
Ukraine,Tajikistan,Uzbekistan).Tashkent 2003.
DALER and TAMILA: Piano music
"Daler and Tamila" - the collection, consisting of two volumes of the piano music(two,three pianos) in 2-4-6-8 hands includes 62 musical works of all levels from the first to 10th grade.Here is a second volume of the collection "Daler and Tamila" and consists of two sections: 1 - Piano music for two hands (8-10 th grade).And 2-Piano Ensembles (2,3 Pianos) for 4-6-8 hands).
DALER and TAMILA: Piano music Vol.1
"Daler and Tamila" - the collection, consisting of two volumes of the music for piano (two,three pianos) in 2-4-6-8 hands includes 62 musical works of all levels from the first to 10th grade of music school. This first volume of the collection "Daler and Tamila" consists of two sections: 1. "Tamila"- Children's Album - (24 pieces for the first - fourth grades) and 2. "Daler"- Musical Kaleidoscope (21 pieces for the fifth-seventh grades)
Celebrating Chanukah
Celebrating Chanukah: Chanukah melodies for piano,violin,guitar with ensemble
This collection includes 5 sections of the popular Hanukkah melodies. Each section represents a set of the same melodies which are possible for performing on piano, violin, guitar, with ensemble and chamber orchestra.
THe history of laughter in tears
Song opera short for Baritone and Soprano
( 7 music soloists) (2014)
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For 5 Multi percussionsits
Quasi poco a poco for Sax.qartet
For  Doyra and Piano
Sonata - Fantasia for Cello & Piano
1000 and One step to composition: Mu
1000 and One step to composition.Vol
1000 and One step to composition:
100 Ethno-Rhythmical dictations


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